The Professional Sales Excellence Series


If increasing sales is your goal and if you believe that effective sales training is an ongoing process instead of a one time event, this risk free program is a must!

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By Dr. Kerry Johnson

This video training course consists of a monthly video module. Each month you will receive a video tape, and leaders guide. The program is only $99.00 per month plus $8.00 for shipping & handling. You can cancel at any time.

There is absolutely no risk!

“90% of your training time is spent learning about products and services. 10% about people. Yet 90% of what you do everyday is people and 10% products. Most businesses today don’t train sales skills at all. The top performing business train sales skills monthly for at least 1 hour. Yet, if you could offer consistent training once a month on the most current skills available, your income would go up today.” — Kerry Johnson

Thousands of people around the world have already benefited from the expertise of Dr. Kerry Johnson. This unique training program will give you the tools necessary to increase your sales and your income guaranteed! Let Kerry train you and your team with the latest techniques for sales success in implementable, monthly segments. Using Kerry’s methods, professionals like yourself have increased their sales by 300% and more! If increasing sales is your goal and if you believe that effective sales training is an ongoing process instead
of a one time event, this risk free program is a must! Monthly Modules are available for Group Sales Training on Video or for Individual Sales Training on Audio.

How to Build Your Business Using Referrals
1. How to ask for referrals and get them every time
2. A step by step script on what to say to referred leads
3. The secret in booking appointments with referred leads

How to Recognize Buying Signals
1. What prospects do when they are ready to buy
2. How to avoid overselling
3. The Hidden Signals that will make you money

Discovering Your Customer’s Buying Strategy
1. Questions to ask to find out how they will buy
2. How to Use the Instant replay technique
3. How to use the “as if” technique

Coping With the Fear of Looking Foolish
1. The overriding fear of young salespeople
2. How to sell 50 people in the time it takes, to sell one
3. How to keep the Fear of Looking Foolish from tearing apart your sales

Tripling Your Direct Mail Response Rates
1. The 12 most persuasive words to customers
2. How to use pre-approach letters
3. How to grab a reader’s attention in the first five seconds

Coping With the Fear of Failure

1. Why taking a risk is so hard for many salespeople
2. Why many salespeople won’t set goals
3. Overcoming the Fear of Failure

The 4 Stages of Sales Success
1. The most important step in a sales process
2. How to get your prospects to close themselves
3. The biggest reason why salespeople fail

How to Gain Your Customer’s Trust
1. How to gain trust within 3 minutes
2. How to gain rapport on the phone in 30 seconds
3. How to test how much trust you have

How to Keep Your Customer’s Interest All the Time

1. How to keep your customers rapt with interest
2. What to do when they are not interested
3. What to do when your customers become bored

How to Influence Your Customers
1. How to get your prospect to retain 300% more of what you say in half
the time
2. The University of Minnesota research that will make you wealthy
3. How to motivate customers who won’t buy

Using COLOR to Influence the Buying Decisions
1. New research on how COLOR affects your sales
2. The 3 best COLORS which cause people to buy
3. The 3 COLORS that will sabotage your success

Coping With Call Reluctance
1. Why call reluctance will kill your income
2. The 4 types of “reluctant”
3. 4 steps to curing call reluctance forever

Coping With the Fear of Success
1. Why the Fear of Success is putting the brakes on your sales
2. How to get over a “production plateau”
3. How to get rid of self imposed success barriers

Coping With the Fear of Rejection
1. The 3 types of Rejection
2. New research on how the “Big Hitters” cope
3. How to overcome the fear of rejection permanently

How to Sell to the Opposite Sex
1. The two things women want most from any salesperson
2. How men want to buy
3. The three things women dislike most in male salespeople

Closing Techniques of Top Producers
1. How to recognize when people are feeling pushed
2. What to do when you have gone too far
3. How to gain a 100% closing rate

Goal Setting Secrets of Sale Superstars
1. How to turn your dreams into realities
2. The 4 step formula to setting and getting goals
3. How to stay on the goal getting game plan

Time Management in Gaining Sales
1. How to prioritize your calls to achieve maximum performance
2. The top 10 time wasters
3. Mastering the magic of getting more done

Prospecting Performance with the Telephone
1. How to get through the gate keepers
2. How to make voice mail make your sales
3. What to say in the first 15 seconds

The Attitude of a Winner
1. Controlling your attitude even when times are tough
2. Lessons learned from the world’s greatest athletes on winning
3. The preparation and practice initiative. Making money come to you

How to Keep Customers for Life
1. How increasing service can increase your income
2. How customer service can protect you from the competition
3. How to make your customer your best salesperson

How to Stay Up When Sales are Down
1. New research on how to stay optimistic all the time
2. The numbers are the numbers. Staying active even when times are tough
3. Gaining market share as you watch your competition say good-bye

How to Handle The Toughest Objections
1. How to recognize when an objection is just a request for more information
2. How objections can help you sell
3. How to turn an objection into a closing opportunity


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