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Dr. Kerry Johnson

Dr. Kerry Johnson offers a professional sales/staff video series. Please contact him for a username and password.

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Sample Video Content

How to Get 1 Referral per day
How People Buy
The 12 Most Persuasive words
How to Get Referrals from CPA’s Pt.2
Hiring: Finding good candidates using Virtual Voice Mail
How to Sell to the Opposite Sex
How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech
How to Contact Referred Leads
How to Gain Referrals from the Mini Circle of Friends meeting
How to Gain Trust
How to Gain the 3 Most Important Needs
Emotional Intelligence: How to connect with your clients and prospects
Gaining Referrals from Divorce Attorneys
How to Reach Your New Year’s Goals
How to Get Referrals from CPA’s Pt.1
The Wedge
The DIP Method to Controlling Your Business
Time Management Pt. 2
5 Steps in Gaining Referrals
The Let’s Assume Probing Technique
How to Stop People from Stalling
Story Based Selling Pt. 1
Time Management Pt. 1
Story Based Selling Pt. 2
How to Delegate
Coping with Call Reluctance
The Moving Toward and Away From Mindset

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