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Coping With Problem People

John was about to give up. He had had it with his manager’s explosions. It wasn’t bad enough that he felt like a child, but when his manager raised his voice and demoralized him, it went too far…

5 Characteristics of Peak Sales Performers

Are you a peak sales performer? It seems as though every sales pro thinks they are the best. Nobody else can sell like them…

Coping With Call Aversion

Don prides himself on being a professional. But he’d like his sales production to be a little higher. He’s tired of watching new…

How to Achieve Those New Year's Goals

Jan was excited last year with her new resolutions. She set goals to lose 20 pounds, prospect more for business, ask for more…

How to Triple Your Sales

n 1980, Don Speakman was making a little over $18,000 a year as an underpaid assistant at a printing company. He struggled…

How to Stay Motivated

It’s 8 am on Monday morning. You had a great weekend and wish it didn’t have to end. Last week was finished with a bang but…

Procrastination: Putting Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow

Have you ever before procrastinated? Have you put off returning phone calls only to find that you are too embarrassed to…

How to Gain Your Customer's Trust - Quick!

John, an experienced mortgage broker, was about to meet with a very qualified customer. John had persuaded his prospect…

When Good Salespeople Get Bad Clients (or How to Keep Customers Sold)

Recently, Tom worked three long months trying to make a high commission sale to a wealthy professional, Doctor Bill Marks…

3 Steps to Perfect Probing

One day a young, hardworking grocery clerk was stocking lettuce in the produce section. The fair haired clerk, whose…

How to Use Referrals

How to use Referrals…

How to Deal With the Toughest Objections

Ned was feeling confident! After meeting twice with his prospective client, Ned knew he had the perfect product for the right situation…

Marketing in the New Millennium: 5 Steps To Win Big For The Next 1000 Years

The US senate panel on Y2K convened. The committee had been hearing horror forecasts regarding the nation’s lack of preparedness.

The Triggers That Influence Customers

Recently in an Arizona jewelry store, the owner received an allotment of turquoise settings that were not selling. Even though the tourist season was at…

Coping with Time Pressure in an "I Want It Now" World

John needed to process the paperwork on 5 more sales by noon and had another 10 issues to iron out in underwriting. He was falling behind in his…

Marketing to the Affluent: How to Find and Sell to Them

He probably wears a $50 watch. You won’t see him on a yacht. But you would find him in his office commonly until 7:00 p.m. (even on Saturdays)…

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Judith Fischer

Program Chair, National Association Of Women Bus. Owners

“I have never witnessed a speaker with your powerful ability to capture an audience. I was astounded at the way in which the audience became completely involved with your presentation. I truly believe that you have that magical ability to communicate with individuals that very few speakers possess.”

Cal. K. Clemmons

CAE. Executive Director, Fire Suppression Systems Association

“I must admit that after reading your book and getting to know you a bit personally, I anticipated a good live performance. But you truly exceeded my expectations. I cannot remember a speaker who received more praise from our group of people.”

Richard Hogue

Vice President, Century 21 International

“…You were the best speaker we have ever had at a conference. Your message was superb, your delivery extraordinary.”

Murray Whitehorn, CLU, C.H.F.C.

J.E. Martin, Marketing Vice President, Canada Life Assurance Company

“Even though a week has expired since you presented your seminar to our coaching staff, we are still talking about your presentation. You made the subject matter interesting, consumerable, and exciting.”

George Raveling

Former Head Coach, USC Basketball Team

“Without a doubt, yours was the most heavily attended and the most spirited audience of all the main speakers at our conference. Your presentation was entertaining, participatory, and educational – What more could you ask for?”

Bruce R. Stephany

Chubb Corporation, President

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