Sales Magic – Revolutionary Techniques


Revolutionary techniques that will double your sales in 21 days.

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Don Speakman, Dennis Renter, and Murray Nielsen all have one thing in common: They each regularly make over a hundred thousand dollars per month in sales commissions. And yet, if you asked them how they do it, they really couldn’t tell you. They use sales skills and methods of which they aren’t even aware. Their “sales magic” is hidden. But now, through his knowledge of psychology and by studying top producers like these, Kerry Johnson, known nationally as “the sales psychologist”, has been able to reveal the techniques that these big winners are using to earn over a million dollars a year.

The key to the power behind Sales Magic lies in the fact that you will actually be able to control the responses of your prospects without their even knowing it. That’s because you’ll be communicating at levels below their conscious threshold. Kerry Johnson teaches his specific, proven strategies for successful selling, showing how to spot buying signals and bring the sale to a close, use mirroring and matching voice patterns to gain a client/customer’s trust, employ key words to take charge of every discussion with a potential buyer, and much more!

    • Every salesperson will learn how to;
    • Establish rapport with ease and assurance
    • Listen to clients more effectively
    • Turn objections into approval
    • Discover a client’s buying strategy in minutes

Sales Magic also contains charts, diagrams, and quizzes, as well as a special twenty-one-day program that ensures every reader will be successfully employing Johnson’s techniques within weeks.


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