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How to Read Your Customer's (or Client's) Mind
Dr. Kerry Johnson

Most top business owners and executives today mention people skills as critical to increasing their business. Yet most companies spend nearly 100% of available training time discussing the products and the details surrounding the makeup of those saleable goods and services. The truth is that your prospective customers never have and never will make their decision based solely on products or services. They make their decision to buy based on you.

New research conducted at the University of California at San Diego has shown that trust is worth 17% of the gross price of your product or service. This means you can increase your prices by 15% and you won’t lose business. It also means without trust, your customers will leave you for the first discount they find. Unless you have a monopoly, your ability to generate trust is the most profitable skill you will possess.

This program is focused on giving you techniques you can use today to significantly increase your business’ profitability by learning how your customers think. You will walk out of this program with a greater understanding of what your customers want from you and how you can deliver results to them in the way that they will buy it.

Some of the transferable techniques you will gain as a result of hearing this program are:

  1. How to magnetically attract customers without manipulation.
  2. The most persuasive words you can use with your customers at any time.
  3. How to gain trust with any customer in 3 minutes or less on the telephone or face to face.
  4. How to check how much trust you have.
  5. Women are and will be a huge catalyst of change in the coming years. They will also become a major source of your new business. Yet men still do not have a good idea of what women want or even how to communicate with them. You’ll learn not only how women influence your business but, also how to build strong customer relationships with them in any business situation.

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“The attendees raved about the material, your presentation, and your humor.”

Judith Fischer

Program Chair, National Association Of Women Bus. Owners

“I have never witnessed a speaker with your powerful ability to capture an audience. I was astounded at the way in which the audience became completely involved with your presentation. I truly believe that you have that magical ability to communicate with individuals that very few speakers possess.”

Cal. K. Clemmons

CAE. Executive Director, Fire Suppression Systems Association

“I must admit that after reading your book and getting to know you a bit personally, I anticipated a good live performance. But you truly exceeded my expectations. I cannot remember a speaker who received more praise from our group of people.”

Richard Hogue

Vice President, Century 21 International

“…You were the best speaker we have ever had at a conference. Your message was superb, your delivery extraordinary.”

Murray Whitehorn, CLU, C.H.F.C.

J.E. Martin, Marketing Vice President, Canada Life Assurance Company

“Even though a week has expired since you presented your seminar to our coaching staff, we are still talking about your presentation. You made the subject matter interesting, consumerable, and exciting.”

George Raveling

Former Head Coach, USC Basketball Team

“Without a doubt, yours was the most heavily attended and the most spirited audience of all the main speakers at our conference. Your presentation was entertaining, participatory, and educational – What more could you ask for?”

Bruce R. Stephany

Chubb Corporation, President

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