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Dr. Kerry Johnson

When I first started coaching with you, I was new to the business. I didn’t have any prospects or contacts, or income. After only about 5 weeks, I am now on track to making $300,000 this year. This is amazing. I can’t believe the increase in business. Coaching has been great for me.

Kyle Zoellner, Insurance Agent

I came to you making $300,000 a year hoping to increase my production to $350,000 this year. My goals were way too low. I should have dreamed bigger. I am now on track to making $1.2 Million. Coaching with you is the best thing I have ever done.

Rick Martin, Financial Planner

 I heard about you in the Middle East from our managers in England. I have read your books regularly. I started coaching with you to gain 40 new clients. But I should have dreamed bigger. One technique alone yielded 40 clients. You have added $440,000 to my income this year alone. Coaching is working for me.

Lyndsey Rowe, Financial Advisor Limassol, Cyprus

My income was already high when I met you. But our seminar attendance was dwindling fast. We were only getting a fraction of the attendance we had a few years ago. Through your “Circle of Friends” technique, we have increased attendance to 100 in one month. We have no cancellations. Better yet, there are no marketing or mailing costs. The best part, we made $260,000 in commissions from the first seminar. You were the best investment we ever made in our business.

Tom Nix, Financial Advisor CSA

Kerry, I already had a coach and didn’t even consider using anyone else. But after reading your books, I decided to take a chance. My sales were around $9,300 a week. After only working with you for 10 days, my sales have skyrocketed to $52,000 last week alone. This kind of production seems hard to fathom. But I am a living testament to the process. It works.

Mark Roadman, Financial Planner

“While it is only March, our business accounting practice is already 100% ahead of last year. The number of new investment clients is up 51% ahead of last year. We have restructured both businesses and we are having a lot more fun. Thanks to your coaching, we are on track now to net $1 Million. Coaching really works for us. The proof is in the numbers.

Becky Gaylor, President Active Money Management

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