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The secret to making an enormous amount of money in business is “relationship, rapport and trust”. The quicker you can gain them, and the more you care about your customers and clients, the more successful you will be. “When you know as much about people as you do about your products and/or services, your income will double." In this site, you can read or print new research articles on how to increase your sales as well as how to improve your management/people skills----free. If you are a meeting planner, you can preview Dr. Johnson’s presentations on-line in both video and audio-without having to wait for a lengthy download. You can then apply these ideas to create skills that will increase your income immediately. In this site, you will also learn about Dr. Kerry Johnson’s many books and audio/video training programs, what your group will gain by using him as a speaker and the “Peak Performance Coaching” method that will increase sales by 80% in 8 weeks.

"You are perfectly positioned to reap the results you are currently getting. Unfortunately you have learned to limit and self-sabotage your production just as surely as you have learned to breathe...

"According to University of California research, trust is worth on average, 17% of the gross price of your product or service..."