New Video – “How to Recruit Great People: Without wasting your time!”

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Have you ever recruited anyone? Was it a nightmare taking weeks? Or a great experience that maximized your time? That all depends on how you recruited and selected. The problem is that 70% of resumes have lies and the other 28% don’t have the right traits. But just the same, you have to wade through them all to find the gem. Would you like to bypass all that wasted time and go right to the 3 best candidates? The Answer is “Virtual Voice Mail.” to find out more, listen to this 6 minute video. “How to Recruit Great People: Without wasting your time!” http://www.kerryjohnson.com/vi deo2.html Excerpted from the 60 minute video, “How to Recruit, Train, and Retain Great People.” From “America’s Business Psychologist.”

Please also share this with any colleagues you think can use it. As always, if sending this video to you is not appropriate, let me know.

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