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This Week’s Peak Performance Coaching Report and Current Economic Outlook
As you communicate with your clients and help them make sense of the current economic conditions,
here are some talking points that will make your conversations more relevant and informed.

Keynote Speech in Hong Kong
On December 6, Dr. Johnson gave a keynote speech to more than 300 Hong Kong Chinese at American International Assurance’s National Convention. Even though most of the Cantonese attendees spoke English, translation is always a challenge. The average Chinese family earns $43,000 per year. Contrast that to the American family who makes $48,000 a year, the world seems even smaller. While Hong Kong has 7.2 million people, it is half the size of Manhattan. You can just imagine the traffic delays.

European Slump May Extend to 2031
Some Economists believe this “Great Recession” could last longer than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Three factors may have created this perfect storm.

1 The real estate bubble burst. Home prices may not recover from the 2007 highs for another 20 years.
2 The European Union and the currency that ties it all together, the Euro, is fracturing at an alarming rate. Only Germany and Great Britain seem to be immune from the banking collapse. Economists believe one of two things may happen. Either the Euro will be abandoned as the central currency or Greece and Italy will detach from the European Union.
3 The dollar as a reserve currency is diminishing. One of the reasons why the US economy has suffered less volatility compared to other developed economies is the US dollar status as the reserve currency. Since oil and many other commodities are priced in US dollars, the US has been relatively protected from commodity inflation. But that seems to be changing. China, India, and Russia are all pushing for a basket of reserve currencies, diminishing the dollar’s standing.
4 Moody’s rating service has downgraded seven banks in Italy, two French, four Spanish banks and three Greek banks. The contagion seems to be spreading past the European union borders.

The New Year
I hope you will take the next two weeks to think about the things you like to accomplish both personally and in your business. This is often a key period to do strategic planning, looking ahead to the income you want to gain as well as the growth you would like to attain. Not only should your goals include income, but also the amount of time you want to spend on your business. Many of my coaching clients like you will make decisions in 2012 to take Fridays off as well as one week per quarter. Other clients will choose to keep their income the same while working fewer hours. Whatever your goals, I hope you will consider and evaluate what you want 2012 to be. I can’t think of a better time to do this taking advantage of this holiday.

Please have a wonderful holiday and a great new year!!!



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