How to Get 70 Referrals in 1 Hour

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How to Get 21 Referrals Appointments in One Hour
Two weeks ago, my client Andrew held a BANC-Messina event in New Haven Connecticut. At that program, 30 family buying units showed up and brought 21 guests. 12 of the guests booked appointments with Andrew. So far he has seen five of the 12, sold three out of the 5, and made $30,000 in commissions with 5 more appointments to go. If his results hold up with the other five appointments, his total commissions for the event will equal $60,000. This is a similar result from other coaching clients who have used this concept.

I was the guest speaker at the event. I spoke on “Why Smart People Make Dumb Mistakes with Their Money”. Andrew spoke for 15 min. at the beginning on market update discussing volatility, the European crisis, and what’s likely to happen to the US Economy over the next few months. He did a raffle for an iPad for anybody who brought a guest. After the speech, dinner was served. His assistant collected the evaluations and booked appointments with the guests. Even current clients booked appointments with money Andrew didn’t know about. The bottom line? The cost per sale was markedly less than a public dinner seminar. This is one example of how to get scores of referrals in one evening.

Market Update
The Dow lost 2.16% on Friday, ending the quarter down 12%, the worst quarter since 2009. Most of the decrease was caused by worries over a European sovereign debt crisis. Greece is on the verge of default with only France and Germany standing in the way. The public workers unions are rioting in Athens portending a possible display of what may happen if the US also gets close to a default.

The Quarter was among the most volatile in history with 18 market movements of over 200pt swings. In August alone, the market swung more than 400 points on 4 separate days. Financial stocks were the hardest hit moving down at least 25%. Morgan Stanley alone lost 40% of it’s market value during the quarter. Even the world’s fastest growing economy, China slowed down. The US economy is also slowing, raising the chances of an economic recession to 50-50.

The Fed’s Answer
Helicopter Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Fed, has instituted a new strategy called “Twist”. Instead of more Quantitative Easing or printing money to buy US Treasuries, ensuring the loss of US Dollar value, The Fed is now selling shorter term bonds and buying longer term issues. This is in hopes of making long term debt less expensive and even getting mortgage purchases online again. All in all, the Fed is nearly out of ammunition and now using arrows instead of heavier ordinance. It is said the Market is a leading indicator of where the economy is going. So far investors don’t have much confidence.



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