The US Economy by the Numbers

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This Week’s Peak Performance Coaching Report and Current Economic Outlook
As you communicate with your clients and help them make sense of the current economic conditions, here are some talking points that will make your conversations more relevant and informed.

Peak Performance Coaching Update:
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Here are some concepts you should keep in mind this week as you make your 3 month client calls:

The Current US Economy: By the Numbers.
We are often distracted by the constant noise of financial and political reports, crises, and commentary. It sometimes is difficult to put all the information into perspective. Your job as an advisor is to not only make sense of all the news, but also give advice to those who depend on you. Here is a perspective from the 40,000 foot level that should make sense to anybody who is willing to pay attention. As you talk to your clients this week, each of these statistics can be used to sober your comments.

1 The US sovereign debt rating was downgraded this year from AAA to AA+. The first time in US history.

2 US federal spending is 25% of GDP. The highest level since World War II.

3 The US fiscal budget deficit is 10% of GDP. The highest level since World War II.

4 The current US federal debt is 67% of GDP. Also the highest level since World War II.

5 US employment is now 48.1% of the eligible working population. The lowest since 1983.

6 Long-term US unemployment and underemployment is 45.9% of the eligible working population. The highest since the 1930s.

7 The increase in non-farm payroll employment is .5% since the recession recovery in March 2009. This is the slowest job growth for a 26 month period after a severe recession since World War II.

8 The home-ownership rate of 59.7% is the lowest since 1965.

9 The % who of taxpayers actually paying income tax is 49%. The lowest in the modern era.

10 The US Government Dependency Rate of 47% (the % receiving one or more federal benefit payments) is the highest in US history. Kerry

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